The Sacred Heart School Preschool Program is designed to fully prepare the children to become independent learners. It provides opportunities for students to explore the natural world and share their energies towards self-expression and creativity. The development of holistic skills is part of the curriculum geared towards honing the multiple intelligence of the child. The Sacred Heart School curriculum uses a Thematic-Progressive Approach. Each learning area ensures child-centered and creative learning skills that will surely mold and shape the minds of the children. The Sacred Heart curriculum is challenging and encompasses all the learning areas to nurture every child’s potential. It is specifically geared towards ages 1.6 until 5.5 and looks at key areas such as: Literacy skills, Numeracy skills, Social Science skills, Creative skills, Graphamotor skills, and Character/Value Formation.




Each subject area ensures child-centered and learning skills that aim to mold and shape the minds of the children.

  • Literacy Skills develop the child’s first steps in oral and written communication, basic grasp of words, and formulation. This skill also includes development towards the fluency in both the English and Filipino language that are essential in their daily activities.
  • Numeracy Skills deal with basic mathematical concepts such as rote counting, color assimilation and discrimination, addition and subtraction, and simple problem solving.
  • Social Science Skills tell about how a child sees himself in connection with the environment. It allows the child to appreciate himself and the world he lives in.
  • Creative Skills develop the child’s creative talents and abilities through mixing, pouring, scooping, tearing, cutting, pasting, and drawing.
  • Graphamotor Skills allow a child to develop body control, interpret activities using body movements, and to express oneself through drawing, free scribbling, coloring, tracing, pasting, and eventually writing.
  • Character Skills / Value Formation is the core of Sacred Heart School curriculum. There is a need to be spiritually equipped to be able to accomplish all the skills. Cognitive and physical developments go hand in hand with moral and value formation.



bunny-painting LEARNING CENTERS
The teacher transforms her classroom into a “mini home” environment child – friendly and child – centered activities are evident in all the learning centers. Each area in the classroom is aided by different manipulative, books, and learning tools that will surely enhance the creativity and stimulate the growth and development of a child. The centers are re–designed regularly depending on the needs of the children. The following are some of the learning centers introduce at Sacred Heart School.

  • Literacy Center is guided by books and reading materials that present moral lessons to cultivate values formation. There are books that talk about self, feelings, school communities, and people. Filipino books are also included to present concepts such as pagkukuwento, pagbabasa ng mgasalita at pabula, flashcards with CVC words and pictures are available as well.
  • Numeracy Center offers manipulative, puzzles, beads, blocks, tiles, and clay to stimulate child’s basic mathematical concepts.
  • Creative Center allows children to explore their imagination and minds to create, paint, draw, and even scribble since they take pride in discovering new things. This center is aided by different art materials and tools which will enhance the creativity and resourcefulness of every child. It also gives the children an opportunity to role play and act out different situation and stories that they will truly enjoy, thus, developing self – expression and awareness in them.
  • Social Science Center gives the students an avenue for scientific exploration, experimentation and discovery of the wondrous living and non-living things around them.




Sacred Heart School offers five levels of Preschool education namely:

  • Toddler Learning is Play. Children appreciate and acknowledge learning when they are having fun while doing activities. The creative session last for 2 ½ hours.

  • Junior Nursery - Learning is Meaningful. Learning becomes meaningful when it is experiential. Children are given opportunities to hold, create, and manipulate different objects that will help stimulate new learning. The meaningful sessions last for 2 ½ hours.

  • Senior Nursery  - Learning is Experiential. Children learn more through experiences. The learners become an active part of discovering and exploring new and wonderful things. The meaningful sessions last for 3 hours.

  • Pre-Kindergarten - Learning is Valuable. Children value what they learn when they can connect it outside their classroom. These are the practical ideas that the children can make use of in the future. The class lasts for 3 ½ hours.

  • Kindergarten – Children value what they learn when they can connect it outside their classroom. These are the practical ideas that the children can make use of in the future. This level is for children aged 5 by August.