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About Sacred Heart School

Sacred Heart School has been in existence for more than 50 years. Through those years, we have overcome challenges and have adapted to the changing needs of each child and each generation. Now that Online Learning has become a need, we shifted a month after the country's lockdown. We, at Sacred Heart School, trained and researched for the best ways to provide transformative education for our students. With strengthened bonds with parents to learn more, and also lend a helping hand.


To be the school of choice that shapes minds, instills values, and develops 21st century skills as a foundation for life.


We develop each child's potential to the fullest the SMART way: Sound mind and body, Mindfulness, Academic excellence, Relevant programs, Trained teachers and staff

Core Values

Love of God, Love for Work, Discipline, Sense of Responsibility and Sense of Family

Skills and Subjects

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Frequently Asked Questions

The school will follow announcements and given guidelines by the national and local government specifically the Department of Education. We will now continue the online learning set-up for the safety of both students, teachers and their families. Once face-to-face classes are allowed, we are ready to shift but taking into consideration the values and opinions of the parents
We require each student to have a
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