Since 1968, when we began with children from around the neighborhood, we have been incorporating a mother’s care with the way we educate our students. From then on until now, we have provided children with Christian Values, Academic skills and social awareness that build the solid foundation necessary for mental and social growth.

The Elementary program features a well-balanced and relevant curriculum for the total development of the grade school students. The curriculum is aligned with the Basic Educational Curriculum of the Department of Education, and is further enriched to suit the needs of advanced learners. It is designed to equip learners with knowledge, skills, and values to prepare them for the high school level; English primarily aims to install a strong communicative competence among learners. It is expected that the learners should have gained flexibility, accuracy and independence in the use of the four basic communications skills particularly listening, speaking, reading and writing. The Math program where students are provided with training solve problems using critical and logical reasoning. Likewise, it provides the ideal Science and Health instruction by fully trained teachers to equip learners with scientific skills and processes to facilitate analytical, critical thinking and problem solving.




  • To work independently within the limits of his/her degree of maturity.
  • To practice desirable behavior in relations with other children as well as adult.
  • To foster work experience that enhance the child’s orientation to the world of work and creativity.
  • Meaningful acquisition of basic knowledge, skills, attitudes, Christian values and behavior essential for personal growth and development.

Note: Elementary classes are available only in the Malabon Campus. We accept students from ages 6 to 13 years old to the following levels

  • Grade 1 to Grade 6

Subjects are integrated by the Department of Education Culture and Sports.




Each subject areas are designed to nurture every child’s future.

Christian Living Education
This program basically instills among students sound Christian values that enhance intact family relationships. Each child is urged to seek and study the Holy Scriptures and learn fundamental knowledge about his/her faith as a Christian. Students from different religious denominations are accommodated.

English (Reading and Language)
This program primarily aims to install strong communicative competence among learners. It is expected that the learners should have gained flexibility, accuracy and independence in the use of the four basic communication skills particularly listening, speaking, reading and writing. Appreciation of literary works is likewise expected of the students through this program.

Includes a study of the four fundamental operations, decimals, money ratio and proportions, measurement, geometry and graphs, among others. The program aims to develop among students the competence, flexibility and in-depth understanding of mathematical concepts, facts and processes and be able to apply them in real life activities. Hence, the SHS child is expected to think critically and increase his number proficiency. For the primary levels, Singapore Math is taught. Singapore Math uses the CPA (concrete-pictorial-abstract) model approach which helps students build meaning to learn concepts and skills, as opposed to rote memorization of rules and formulas.

This program aims to install functional understanding of science concepts and principles that are relevant to real life situations. SHS students are expected to develop scientific attitudes and values that allow them to satisfy their curiosity through exploration and discovery.

This program aims to attain mastery of the Filipino learners’ native tongue. It seeks to acquire communicative competence and flexibility in listening, speaking, reading, writing and thinking in Filipino.

Araling Panlipunan (HEKASI)
The program aims to promote nationalism and patriotism among SHS students. The medium for this program is Filipino where students are furthermore expected to develop pride, and identify loyalty to the country.

The Physical Education program consists of Taekwondo classes for all levels as well as exposure to other fitness routines. The program aims for each child to gain good physical health, well-being and practice sportsmanship.

The school’s art program consists of practical lessons that are integrated with the students’ other subject. The program is a venue for the students to imagine, discover, and explore their potentials in drawing, painting and crafts.

The ICT program gives students a grasp of the different means of technology used for information and communication. The program consists of theoretical lessons on the basic parts of the computer, software and hardware, internet etiquette, basic photography, MS Office applications and Movie Maker.





Music Lessons
The school’s music program aims to make the students appreciate the different genres of music --- classical, broadway, folk, contemporary etc. The students are also introduced to the concepts of musical notes, rhythm, beat, movement and expression.

Taekwondo Lessons
To provide an excellent and professional training for each student/ athlete by creating a balance personality, inculcating them the right values, helping them to create a good mindset towards achieving their goals while improving their over-all well being at the same time.

Chinese Mandarin
Get a head start with Chinese Language Classes and become an expert in one of the greatest and most widely-used languages in the world.

The Computer program aims to give the students a grasp of the different computer applications available. The program consists of theoretical lessons on the basic parts of the computer, software and hardware, practicing internet etiquette as well as practical lessons on MS Office applications and Movie Maker.

Ballet Classes
Learn Ballet to develop social skills, improve proper body posture, and grow as a disciplined individual in the form of dancing.

Singapore Math
Singapore Math teaches children in Grades 1 to 6 the fundamentals of mathematics using the Model Approach. It helps them organize information and solve problems step – by – step. It concretizes math concepts for easier understanding.

Galileo Math/English
Children are taught concepts and develop skills by tapping into different learning styles through the use of manipulative materials, flash cards, worksheets, and educational computer software.