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About Sacred Heart School


mrs.-JuanThe Sacred Heart School System came into being in 1968 out of the founder's fondness for children.  As good fortune would have it, the case of closing a nearby preschool was brought to her attention.  The owners had decided to migrate to the United States so they offered the school for sale.  Mrs. Rosario Tambunting-Juan saw it as an opportunity to put her plan and dream into execution.  She bought the school, established it as her own school and named it the Sacred Heart Nursery and Preschool.  Thus, in June 1968, the school came into being, starting with an enrollment of thirty students, two teachers and a consultant on academic matters.  By mid-year the enrollment had risen to fifty and at year's end to seventy.  During the years that followed, more rooms were added along with facilities and equipment like library books, recreational apparatus, and the school gained stature and prominence, the administration thought it wise to seek government recognition.

Since then, many students have graduated from Sacred Heart school, each one imbued with the high ideals of the school, the awareness of finer possibilities and further goals, the sense of freedom and the open road ahead.  On her part, the Owner/Director was pleased with the commitment and responsibility she adopted.  She is involved in supplying one of man's basic needs which is education and sharing with others her enthusiasm to improve and contribute to continuing process the education of the Filipino child.  At present, Sacred Heart School has 6 branches, namely: SHS Makati, SHS Malabon, SHS Binondo, SHS Sun-Valley, SHS Caloocan, and SHS Valenzuela.

The company was duly registered with the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) with registered number 00054485 on September 18, 1973 and registered with the Department of Trade and Industry to the provisions of Act 3883, as amended by Act 4147 and Republic Act no. 863.

On August 10, 1994, the school was recognized by the Department of Education Culture and Sports (DECS) presently known as the Department of Education (DepEd) and permitted to operate preschool and intermediate level of education.


Sacred Heart School adopts a thematic approach of Teaching and a knowledge skill based curriculum, also putting an emphasis on values formation.


To be the pre-school to grade school educational institution of choice that provides benchmark programs to shape minds and instill values to the next generation of leaders.


“We will provide the basic curriculum for different levels to produce successful graduates through our professional approach, varied quality programs and services.”

“We will conduct and support ongoing research and development to create programs and to ensure effective implementation.”

“We will support and pursue comprehensive human resource development program that will constantly motivate our employees to excel in the field of expertise.”

“We will strengthen in us the core values of the organization to be able to serve as a role model.”

“We will seek local recognition and international accreditation to gain more knowledge and expertise that will improve our curriculum and operating systems”

“We will ensure the equitable return to our shareholders by increasing as many students as possible to experience the Sacred Heart School quality education.”


Sacred Heart School provides its students with:

  • child-centered activities
  • low teacher-student ratio
  • multi-media techniques in teaching
  • child friendly classrooms
  • secure and safe environment